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Keep up to date with your Stallions teams!

By Chicago Stallions, 09/14/18, 5:00PM CDT


Parents looking to keep up with practice and game schedules, team updates and Stallions news now have more options than ever!

You can fully customize how you receive information through your personal Sports Engine profile enabling text messaging, emails and push notifications.  You can even integrate your team calendars right into your own online or mobile calendar app.  If your family is new to a team or if you’d like to further customize how you receive information, feel free to follow these instructions to customize your user experience. 
Sports Engine App
This is by far the easiest way to keep up on all your team news, schedules and information.  Simply go to your phone’s app store and search “Sports Engine” and download the app.  When you arrive, simply sign in with the account to which you registered your child and your teams should appear.  If they do not, click on favorites (the star icon) and search “Chicago Stallions.”  
All our teams will appear, and you can favorite/follow any team.  
When selecting the “Account” tab at the bottom you can select the notifications you would like to enable on your mobile device. Any time practices or games are added/changed or managers send you a message your device will alert you.  
It’s a great way to stay in the know with your team.  
Email & Text Messages
If you or anyone else in your household would like to keep up to date with your team through emails and/or text messages you’ll need to verify your own Sports Engine account settings.  Please note that the Chicago Stallions do not control your settings.  You, yourself manage your alert setting for any organization your child has participated in via the Sports Engine technology.
Here’s how to configure your account:
Log into with the account under which you registered your child.  The login is at the top of the screen. (Right now is located under an annoying blue bar for a contest that you’ll need to click away.)
Once you’ve logged in click your “user name” at the top and select “My profile.”  
   My Profile
Here you are able to add any number of email addresses to receive email correspondence as well a single cell phone to receive text message alerts.  Each added address or phone will need to be verified before it can receive messages.  Any added accounts/phones will receive instructions, and you will need to follow those instructions to verify the account.
In this window you can also “link” accounts with a spouse or parent to enable them to receive the same alerts/messages in instances where households have multiple Sports Engine accounts.  
   Account Settings
“Account Settings” is where you select how you want to receive notifications from all your organizations, not just the Stallions.  This is where you see any organizations you are associated with, along with the notification settings for each.  
A quick click on “show profiles” for each organization reveals checkboxes.  Simply select how you’d like to be notified for the Stallions, or anyone else for that matter, and that’s it!
For anyone who wants to integrate your team calendar(s) into your calendar client of choice can visit the main Stallions calendar at to get a customized link to their teams.
To do this click on “Calendar” on the Stallions webpage main menu to access the main calendar.  Scroll down to “Show Tag Menu” where you can select/deselect certain teams.  

Goalie parents, this is where you can add a “Goalie” tag for clinics as well!

Once you have selected all the teams you would like to follow, scroll to the bottom and click “Subscribe to ICal Feed” and a link will appear that can be added as a calendar feed to virtually any calendar application including any smartphone app or online and desktop calendar client.  
Website News - Facebook - Twitter
During the upcoming season there are many other ways to keep up on Stallions news. Our website will be kept up to date on new informations and Stallons happenings.  You can again find our website at
In addition, take a moment to “like” us on Facebook.  While our Facebook account is just getting started our goal is to keep up with Stallions team news throughout the season!  You can find us on Facebook at

Also, for those new to the program, we have a handful of dedicated and talented “Tweeters” set to bring you the play by play action of the season peppered with some of their notorious humour to remind all parents why we are all here... to have fun!  Our main Stallions Twitter account is @chgostallions and many teams have their own feeds.  

Don’t miss out on the action and get set up to keep up on your Stallions action!